Hi There!

Thingy is a team of developers from Venezuela with the objective of creating fun and addictive applications for the players.

Why are we here?

In 1988 Waldo Urribarri and Alberto García were born cousins, and at age 10 they realized that they loved video games, and were thrilled about the idea of being able to create their own games with their own ideas. Time passed and in 2013 they decided that they had reached the sufficient level to fulfill their dream, that was creating their own video game.

Of course it wasn't a simple task since they were new to the subject, but with a lot of effort they managed to launch their first game on the Google Play Store, Starship Constructor. It wasn't a bad start because Starship Constructor managed to have more than a thousand downloads, however they couldn't stop there. So after a while they started planning and organizing ideas to make more games, but with a different aesthetic, a style that had "Thingy" all over it. Since the beginning of 2014 they have already launched 3 more games:


It began as a small challenge to create a new game as fast as possible, or as a "mini-game jam". The idea was to make a game about remembering position/sound sequences, but with a with a minimalist graphical style. It was also the first game for them featuring a world leaderboard and achievements. After having the game completed and released, they learned that there was already a game with very similar mechanics. Ironically they seem to be the only 2 people in the world without having ever played "Simon Says".

Jump Challenge

The challenge this time was to try to make an addictive and irritating game at the same time. Tempted for a while, they simply could not pass the opportunity (with irritating games like Flappy Bird just around the corner), even if that meant that people would hate them. This was the first game where pixel art was used, and they loved it. In the game you control a child dancing inside a volcano jumping for points and avoiding being hit by deadly fireballs.


For the fourth project they made Bilumin, an interesting game about "particles", and applied special detail on both mechanics and visual appearence. As a bonus, they even included great music from their friend Eudo Rubio "to take those 'Lumins' with rhythm and style". In Bilumin you control 2 spheres of light to grab particles called 'Lumins' while dodging obstacles, getting combos when you grab Lumins in quick succession. Every so often the game mechanics change with powerups or counter powerups.

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